Another Day, Another Debate

Hello all! First off I want to thank everyone for the kind cards, emails and birthday wishes. My birthday went over pretty well and I’m now officially 34 *grin*. Also, a huge thank you to everyone for being so patient while I work through the summer ‘busies’. It happens every summer, harvest time is here and we’re busy well….harvesting. Things will be slowing back down to a reasonable pace pretty soon but I’ve gotten a good lesson on trying to blog during my summer shuffle, that lesson being that it doesn’t work out so well. *smile*

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell everyone about the discussion I had with a friend a few nights ago in which we beat a dead horse that goes by the name of Bill Clinton. Funny how heated the discussions still get over this topic, particularly with Democrats. In any case, I was chatting with a friend when Bill Clinton came up. My reaction was the same as it has always been, my gut clenched and my brow furrowed and the scary ol’ rabid feminist within came bubbling to the surface.

Now my friend is (was) an ardent support of Bill Clinton, he’s also a self-proclaimed feminist supporter but he never really thought about Bill Clinton using a feminist lens. And so, when his name came up I was met with a defensive spin about how Bill was a poor, poor widdle dude and a pawn for the Republicans. I was again treated to the same old, same old about how those evil Republicans only wanted to take down the man who had done so much good for the country. Finally I jumped in (yes, I interrupted, *sigh*) and told him this:

“The way I see it if you support Bill Clinton then you must believe 1 of 2 things-

1. That women lie. You must believe this in order to support Bill Clinton because upwards of fifteen women have accused Bill of varying levels of sexual assault up to and including rape.

2. That sexual harassment and/or assault and/or rape are acceptable as long as a man is doing a good job at work.

Now, seeing as how this was coming from a self-proclaimed pro-feminist man he understood a bit about the power dynamic and he knew the statistics and numbers surrounding women and assault so the groundwork here had already been laid. However, he was still surprised when he saw that the studies and statistics that he was already aware of didn’t seem to apply in the Bill Clinton arena. He was even more surprised that he had to ‘let it sink in’ when I finally cornered him.

I mean, this was a fella who is fully aware that the numbers of false reports made by women against men is the same as for any other crime, about 2-3% and yet being faced with this knowledge and having to really believe it was something else entirely. And while he ultimately had to choose between the good ol’ boys club and his self-proclaimed pro-feminist stance he had to ‘let it sink in’ before he could actively admit that his golden boy was just another abuser. (Oh and for those of you who may be wondering, YES I was indeed offended that he had to ‘let it sink in’. I asked him, “Let what sink in? The fact that sexual assault is a serious crime? What sort of sinking is required for that?)

Suffice it to say that the conversation quickly became a debate which quickly eroded into an argument which quickly sent my pressure gauge through the roof. I ultimately won and he was forced to concede that he did not believe that a man should be exonerated and forgiven for these sorts of crimes just because he does a good job at work. Nor was he able to say that all of these women were lying, with both of those things taken away from him he was unable to support Bill Clinton any longer.

But see, here’s the thing. It’s been many years since Bill Clinton and there are still too damned many people out there who don’t seem to get it. Too many people who have never ‘really’ thought about this man and who/what he was.

Now, I’ll go ahead and admit that I’m not sure where I stand on Hillary. To be completely honest with you I’m torn because, as everyone here knows, I don’t attack women and goodness knows that I understand just how fucking hard it is to get out of abusive marriages. However, her husband was accused of rape by at least one woman as well as several violent sexual assaults by other women. Because of these very opposing factors I won’t generally debate over Hillary, I just shrug, furrow my eyebrows and say bluntly, “I really don’t know where I fall with Hillary.”

Bill, on the other hand, is easy. Here is a man who is a bona-fide predator, a man who systematically assaulted, harassed and abused many different women even before he reached the all powerful position of President. And of course, he didn’t change his ways when he became President, no sireee bub. Instead he actively pursued a very young girl. Talk about an imbalance of power.

In short, I get riled up every time I hear someone defend that man’s actions and goodness knows that there’s more than enough Bill supporters out there for anyone. So there you have it, a secret of the BB universe. And no, I’m not entirely sure why I thought that this topic deserved a post I just thought that it was an interesting albeit heated debate which serves as a fine case-in-point attesting to some serious cognitive dissonance.

Oh and I do have a few other posts rattling around in my head and as soon as I can get my shit together I’ll try to rattle them off.

Til then folks!


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