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Monday again! I’ll be back in a few hours with a post, but for now I want to direct everyone over to The Margins and, more specifically to a few posts I was reading just this morning.

First, Heart has tackled the Andrea Dworkin misquotes from this article Tough Topic (here’s the rest of the article Part Two of the article). She’s done a fine job of pulling the relevant quotes and putting them into a much needed perspective. Thanks Heart, I had neither the resources nor the knowledge I needed to do such a fine job. Here’s the article by HeartDispelling Myths About Andrea Dworkin by Heart.

The other link I want to give everyone is also to The Margins, she’s put together a series of incredible posts on the rape of Iraq. In particular the rape and murder of Abir Hamzah by U.S. soldiers. I have not covered this story myself, in part because it’s incredibly triggering (so for those of you out there who like to say things to yourself like, “Geesh BB, how come you don’t get all up in the shit that’s REALLY important” I’d like you to think about that for a moment. Sometimes, I am truly incapable of getting all up in the shit of this shit)

In any case, she’s done a series of posts which are horrifying and well thought out.

WARNING: In the second post she posts photos that are triggering to the extreme. PLEASE proceed with caution.

First part is here, then, part two and finally, Part 3.

While you’re there check out some of the other articles. They’re very good.

Also, Amy’s Brain over at Feminist Reprise has done another spot on post titled, To All The Men Who Want To Touch Me. It’s a great read and I found myself nodding all the way through it.

And while I’m at it I may as well tell everyone about the new tarot deck I ordered over the weekend. It’s been out of print for a few years but I found it this weekend. Oh, did I tell anyone that I read tarot? Well, now you know *grin*. For several years I’ve been trying to find a deck that’s as ‘honest’ as my plain ol’ Rider Waite deck but which has imagery that I like better. So far I’ve managed to find the imagery that I connect with in a few decks but the readings weren’t ‘honest’ and they often felt ‘soft’ or ‘muddled’.

I’m hoping that this deck will finally give me what I’m looking for! It’s the Ancient Egyptian Tarot by Clive Barrett and while the symbolism follows the Rider Waite deck the images are way cooler.  (images could not be transferred, sorry – Editor)

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